Sustainable, Practical & Holistic Coaching


I owe a lot to those individuals that have entered my life as a coach.  I have had the opportunity to work with some great people over the years that have played this role.  The major take away I learned from these great people in my life has been the ability to help understand the overall impact we are making on ourselves and others & the long term goals vs the immediate short sighted results.

With these coaches I have been able to break down their teachings into 3 categories.  Now they may not have approached it this way, but I feel that a strong coach looking to help people make a lasting change will focus on these three key areas.  I have based my own coaching and approach to health and fitness on these three areas.

These areas of my Primal Health Coaching focus are making sure it is sustainable, practical, and holistic.  Working as a team (my client and I), we will look at making a healthy lifestyle that is sustainable for them, that they find practical, and we will look holistically at maximize the lifestyle.


We are looking at making a lifestyle change.  Someone can follow a strict diet or do an intense work out program for 90 days, but what happens on day 91?  Do we go back to our old routine and wait for the weight to come back on and then do the next exhausting challenge? By looking at it sustainably we look long-term; we see how this lifestyle can be done for the long run.  We may use a 21-day body transformation plan, but this is not a plan where you complete the 21-day program and then return to your old lifestyle.  This plan, a blueprint, is to re-set your genes on the path to optimizing your health and fitness long-term.  As a coach I will work with you to make sure we approach this lifestyle in the most sustainable way possible.  My goal is to make this approach a long-term lifestyle change that you find so sustainable that eventually you will not need assistance to maintain this approach for a life time.

When my wife and I started down the Primal/Paleo path we knew we were making a commitment to lasting change.  We did not want a quick fix diet, we did not want a short-term plan, and only to go back to the lifestyle that was so bad for us to begin with.  Through planning, trial and error, and intentional living we have discovered that this way of life is completely sustainable.


My second goal of coaching is to make this lifestyle change practical.  Working together we will look at how to make this lifestyle change not only sustainable for the long-term, but also practical.  I found in my journey that if something was to complicated, had to many rules, or restrictions then most likely it was not practical and I could not sustain it for any significant length of time.  Over the past decade of living the Primal/Paleo lifestyle I found ways to make this incredibly practical.  By spending time in the beginning focusing on what you can do with the Primal lifestyle, we will quickly realize how practical it really can be and how we can make this sustainable for life.


Finally, we will look at this approach in a holistic way.  This lifestyle change is not only about food and what you eat, but truly is about a way of life.  What has helped make the Primal/Paleo lifestyle both sustainable and practical for myself and my family is that we approach everything in this holistic manner.  I have discovered you cannot reach the goals your set for yourself by focusing only on one small aspect and ignore other potential road blocks.  Taking an approach where we identify the goals and then work towards a holistic plan to not only achieve those goals, but to make them sustainable and practical, will set us up for long term success.  When I wanted to lose weight, it was not just about food, but also about sleep, movement, and stress.  We will look at diet, movement and fitness, sleep, technology, and managing stress while approaching all these holistically so that you complete the program being able to sustainably and practically live the most optimal life.

To get started with coaching please request a discovery call.  We will take a look at your health and fitness goals, explore your current situation, and begin the process of identifying obstacles. You’ll learn if health coaching with me is the right choice for you, and if so, we’ll create a plan to move forward. Click here to request a discovery call.

My Primal Health Journey

“What happened?  How did I end up here?”  I remember vividly asking myself those questions a decade ago.  I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life.  I had this vision of myself as being fit, healthy, and active, then I realized that was gone.  On top of this realization was that my youngest daughter was about to be born and I was the unfit overweight father I did not want to be.  Right then I decided to make a change for the better.  To focus on getting healthy not only for myself, but to be the best father and husband that I could be.

I committed right then to restore my health and recapture my fitness.  I immediately launched into a diet routine.  I cut calories, I ran (a lot), and went back to the gym.  This worked, but I did not realize what I had done to myself.  I lost a lot of weight! The calorie cutting and the running turned me from a fat dad to a skinny fat dad….

That is when I realized I miss something in my transformation.  I lost the weight (great!), but I was missing something.  Around this time, I started to gain weight back, I developed arthritis in my foot (which stopped me from running), and I ached & hurt in general.

Three years ago, I just did not feel “right”.  I decided to get some blood work done.  I was shocked when I got the results.  Looking back, it all made sense (the slow weight gain, arthritis, pain).  The warning signs where there but I just thought it was part of getting older.  I learned a lot from my blood work, but the two items that had the most impact on me mentally was that I had chronic inflammation and I was pre-diabetic. I could handle the autoimmune issues, I could handle the MTHFR gene mutation (a whole additional story).  What really hit me mentally was the inflammation and being pre-diabetic.  Basically, my genes did not process carbs efficiently.  Which was part of the reason that I had started to gain weight back.  Even though I was eating healthy, eating all the right things, it was not working.

It was devastating to me to hear “pre-diabetic”.  My father battled being a diabetic most of his adult life, it took his leg, it brought on a host of other medical issues, and it attributed to him passing away this past year.  I was not going to be victim of my genes, I was not just going to manage these conditions, I was going to change my genes.

Enter the Primal Blueprint.  By following the Primal Blueprint, cutting my carbs out, and really focusing on healthy fats, I have been able to regain what I had lost.  After 6 months of being on the Primal Blueprint I lost the weight that I had put on, I did not even feel the arthritis anymore, I can run when I want to now, and my chronic inflammation was gone!  When I got re-tested at that 6-month time frame I had completely changed my genes.  All those symptoms were gone, I was no longer pre-diabetic.

It has been nearly 3 years now and I have found the Primal lifestyle completely sustainable, practical, and holistic.  My entire family follows that same path and it has truly been a blessing for us.  After nearly a decade of living the paleo lifestyle, and now after building a solid foundation with the Primal Blueprint, I am excited to be working with others on helping them to reclaim their health.