My struggle with Chronic Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation impacts more people then we realize. It can go on for years without being diagnosed or even considered to be the cause of any issues. Research has shown that Chronic Inflammation can often be linked to the cause of various aches, pains, and specific health conditions (such as arthritis, tendonitis, colitis, etc..).

One of the major health issues that I quietly fought for years was Chronic Inflammation and it was not until I fully embraced the Primal Blueprint that I found relief from this pain.

About 6 years ago I knew something was going on. I was waking up with lots of pain in my joints and the pain in my toes would flare up every time I tried running. It got so bad that I stopped running and was often using pain relievers to address the issue. Running had become a huge part of my fitness journey during that time. I was passionate about competing in races, mud runs, and obstacle courses. O376942_4283290081034_869409659_n (2)ne of the hardest things I did mentally was to take a step back from running and competing and address the pain. I spent a few years trying various remedies to address the pain before I finally found a doctor in the area that would run the right blood work, so that we could take a deep look into what some the issues were.

Once we got the blood work back, one of the issues that came to light was chronic inflammation; Sure I suspected this, but getting the confirmation was actually a relief. Working with my doctor, on how best to address this, we identified the Primal Blueprint as a tool that could help me face this issue.

Chronic inflammation, which is believed to be the possible root cause of many common health problems and serious diseases, can be triggered and exacerbated by overly stressful lifestyle practices (sleep deprivation, chronic cardio, hectic daily schedules) and poor dietary habits (excess carbohydrate intake, unfavorable omega-6: omega-3 ratios). Looking back at with the long work hours and big stressful changes happening at work, all which helped to lead to poor diet choices through intake of high carbs and sugar, it is now clear that I was in the perfect state to have this flare up significantly.

Taking on the Primal Blueprint strategy, I was quickly able to address my inflammation. What really surprised me is how quickly I started feeling better, a big win was the arthritis pain in my foot was gone. This was further confirmed when I got my blood work re-checked at the six month mark and found that my inflammation was in fact gone.

I had a number of strategies that I learned through the Primal Blueprint that assisted me in actually controlling and eliminating my inflammation. To this day I find if I continue following these principles that the pain, from inflammation and arthritis, does not come back

What I have found, that has made a big impact on my chronic inflammation, is that it can be moderated through diet and exercise modifications, which resulted in improvements of my various aches, pains, and arthritis.

Primal Blueprint strategies that impact my inflammation:
1. Moderate carbohydrate intake/insulin production. Ditching grains, sugars and legumes in favor of Primal foods helped moderate blood glucose and insulin levels. This excessive glucose and insulin in my bloodstream caused me to be pro-inflammatory. So, by reducing the process that can spike insulin it had a significant impact.

2. Normalize O6:O3 ratios: Eliminate grains and PUFA oils, moderate intake of all nuts, and increase intake omega-3 oil capsules. Be careful of the omega-3 you use. Not all omega-3 supplementation is good nor do all of them have the full spectrum of omega-3s. It is very easy to take an over the counter omega-3, but have that capsule actually do nothing for you. I would be glad to help you get a quality omega-3, just message me and I will be glad to h31649356_10215443199253716_5404558816882720768_nelp.

3. Eliminate Chronic Cardio: I was a big runner and put in some significant distance during the week. I have eliminated this long distance. I still run with a focus on shorter distance, but I like to spend more of my time focusing on strength trainings and walking/hiking which I found has matched up better with my overall health goals.


How I measured success in controlling inflammation:
1. I retested my blood work after 6 months to see if what I was doing actually had an impact.

2. I also actively tracked my O3:O6 dietary ratio at regular intervals, inputting my food intake into an app on my phone.

3. Another strategy I used was paying attention to my pain level. I have learned to listen to my body and if it is telling me I need more rest time to recover from a workout then I do that.

4. This does not mean I have eliminated challenging workouts, but when I do plan them into my workout I also measure that performance and how it directly affects or inhibits any inflammation.

29063234_10215016968198206_918980893761077248_nIf you would like to lean more about how the Primal Lifestyle can help manage a variety of health issues then do not hesitate to reach out to me HERE . This success, I had with inflammation, was one of my driving motivators to become a Primal Health Coach.


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