Being Primal while traveling.


One of the major obstacles that people can face while living a Primal Lifestyle is staying true to the Primal life while traveling. We all have times that we have to take a business trip out of town or having to be on the road locally due to work. It can be hard to maintain a Primal Lifestyle when your faced with eating out due to work. There are a few ways to make sure you stay true to a Primal Lifestyle while on the road.

1. Plan ahead. If you do know where you will be staying or where you will be eating check the websites out. A restaurant’s website can be a great tool in figuring out what is best for you before you get there and are rushed to make a decision. If you are going to another town, do a little research online to see where the hotel is and what restaurants are around it.

2. When you have to eat out and do not have time to check the restaurant out beforehand then ask for a gluten free menu. Keep in mind though, just because it is gluten free does not mean it is healthy. The gluten free menu can be a better option and easier to adjust to make sure you get what you need. Also, look for small local restaurants. These great and unique spots are often more willing and able to customize a meal to match our Primal life.

3. Be careful of the evening activities. When we are out of town for a work function it can be fun to see our favorite co-workers and spend dinner time catching up. However, these can easily turn into happy hour drinks and late evenings. Do your best to avoid these while still having fun with your co-workers. Make excusing yourself early in order to get a full night sleep a priority. When your tired the next day it is easier to make poor choices.

4. Plan on taking as much food with you as possible. On road trips take a cooler with hard boiled eggs, avocados, lunch meat, or nuts. If you’re going on a flight take jerky, meat sticks, and/or nuts. Be creative and think outside of the typical sandwich box.

5. While traveling make getting in movement a priority. It is easy to catch yourself sitting all day due to being in meetings or from driving from one place to another. Try to get a workout in first thing in the morning to prime yourself for the day ahead. If you’re staying in a downtown area try walking to the office, to the hotel, or to the restaurant. Movement can be a game changer when trying to maintain a healthy life on the road.

The key is to plan ahead. Take opportunities to meal prep for a trip and have a cooler ready the night before. If your rushing around in the morning and trying to get out the door chances are you might grab the easiest route – which often is not the healthiest.
For a more ideas about being Primal and eating while traveling check out Mark Sisson’s article: What to Eat When Traveling, On the Road, Camping, or in the Middle of the Ocean

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