Items that I am reading this week.

primal-100 kettle

One of the focuses I have throughout the week is to keep on top of the news in the health community, especially news relating to the paleo/primal lifestyle that has had such an impact on my own health. As with a lot of what I do I take a holistic approach to my continuing education in the field. So, when I review the articles, blogs, research papers for the week I look for three key areas – health, fitness, lifestyle so that I can take what I am learning daily and apply it to my own life and to my coaching.

Here are some the best articles, blogs, and highlights of what I have been reading for the past week. I hope these articles can add new insights to your continuing health journey. All of this is intended to help you look at things in a new light and challenge yourself to try something new.

My first highlight is “Primal Recipes on a Budget” hosted on Mark’s Daily Apple. Investing in your health is the by the far the best investment one can make in themselves, but the reality of real world finances can sometimes keep people from jumping into this new lifestyle. This is a great article for strategies around keeping a budget while going primal. Helpful recipes that will not stretch your bank account. You can find that article here: Primal Recipes on a Budget

Here is an article that gives me another reason to love pickles. I am big fan of fermented foods and you will often hear me talk about the benefits of including fermented food in your diet. One of my favorite fermented foods is pickles and “Fermented Pickles Benefit the Gut, Skin, Brain & More” by Dr. Josh Axe adds to the many reason on why I like them. Dr. Axe takes a deep dive into the health benefits of including pickles in your diet, the history of pickles, types of pickles, and offers up an easy recipe to make your own. I encourage you to learn more about the benefits of pickles here: Fermented Pickles

My friend Scott Iardella, of Rdella Training has a great blog on “3 Rules of Training”. If you workout or are thinking about getting back to it this is a great place to start. Scott highlights 3 unbreakable rules: #1- train safe, #2 – don’t break rule #1, and #3 do your best. You can find more on this at: The 3 Training Rules That Matter Most

Finally, back to Dr. Axe. My father suffered from Dementia and I take this issue very seriously. I look at every way that I can to make sure this has little or no impact on my own health. Dr. Axe breaks down 8 simple ways to help combat Dementia that not only will help, but will also have a positive impact on your overall health. You can find more this at: Dementia

Hope these articles feed your desire to learn more and continue your own health journey.

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