My Primal Health Journey

“What happened?  How did I end up here?”  I remember vividly asking myself those questions a decade ago.  I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life.  I had this vision of myself as being fit, healthy, and active, then I realized that was gone.  On top of this realization was that my youngest daughter was about to be born and I was the unfit overweight father I did not want to be.  Right then I decided to make a change for the better.  To focus on getting healthy not only for myself, but to be the best father and husband that I could be.

I committed right then to restore my health and recapture my fitness.  I immediately launched into a diet routine.  I cut calories, I ran (a lot), and went back to the gym.  This worked, but I did not realize what I had done to myself.  I lost a lot of weight! The calorie cutting and the running turned me from a fat dad to a skinny fat dad….

That is when I realized I miss something in my transformation.  I lost the weight (great!), but I was missing something.  Around this time, I started to gain weight back, I developed arthritis in my foot (which stopped me from running), and I ached & hurt in general.

Three years ago, I just did not feel “right”.  I decided to get some blood work done.  I was shocked when I got the results.  Looking back, it all made sense (the slow weight gain, arthritis, pain).  The warning signs where there but I just thought it was part of getting older.  I learned a lot from my blood work, but the two items that had the most impact on me mentally was that I had chronic inflammation and I was pre-diabetic. I could handle the autoimmune issues, I could handle the MTHFR gene mutation (a whole additional story).  What really hit me mentally was the inflammation and being pre-diabetic.  Basically, my genes did not process carbs efficiently.  Which was part of the reason that I had started to gain weight back.  Even though I was eating healthy, eating all the right things, it was not working.

It was devastating to me to hear “pre-diabetic”.  My father battled being a diabetic most of his adult life, it took his leg, it brought on a host of other medical issues, and it attributed to him passing away this past year.  I was not going to be victim of my genes, I was not just going to manage these conditions, I was going to change my genes.

Enter the Primal Blueprint.  By following the Primal Blueprint, cutting my carbs out, and really focusing on healthy fats, I have been able to regain what I had lost.  After 6 months of being on the Primal Blueprint I lost the weight that I had put on, I did not even feel the arthritis anymore, I can run when I want to now, and my chronic inflammation was gone!  When I got re-tested at that 6-month time frame I had completely changed my genes.  All those symptoms were gone, I was no longer pre-diabetic.

It has been nearly 3 years now and I have found the Primal lifestyle completely sustainable, practical, and holistic.  My entire family follows that same path and it has truly been a blessing for us.  After nearly a decade of living the paleo lifestyle, and now after building a solid foundation with the Primal Blueprint, I am excited to be working with others on helping them to reclaim their health.

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